Functions operating on the PEtab condition table


create_condition_df(parameter_ids, condition_ids) Create empty condition DataFrame
get_condition_df(condition_file, …) Read the provided condition file into a pandas.Dataframe
get_parametric_overrides(condition_df) Get parametric overrides from condition table
write_condition_df(df, filename) Write PEtab condition table
petab.conditions.create_condition_df(parameter_ids: Iterable[str], condition_ids: Optional[Iterable[str]] = None) → pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Create empty condition DataFrame

  • parameter_ids – the columns
  • condition_ids – the rows

A pandas.DataFrame with empty given rows and columns and all nan values

petab.conditions.get_condition_df(condition_file: Union[str, pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, None]) → pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Read the provided condition file into a pandas.Dataframe

Conditions are rows, parameters are columns, conditionId is index.

Parameters:condition_file – File name of PEtab condition file or pandas.Dataframe
petab.conditions.get_parametric_overrides(condition_df: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame) → List[str]

Get parametric overrides from condition table

Parameters:condition_df – PEtab condition table
Returns:List of parameter IDs that are mapped in a condition-specific way
petab.conditions.write_condition_df(df: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, filename: str) → None

Write PEtab condition table

  • df – PEtab condition table
  • filename – Destination file name