API Reference

petab PEtab global
petab.composite_problem PEtab problems consisting of multiple models
petab.core PEtab core functions (or functions that don’t fit anywhere else)
petab.conditions Functions operating on the PEtab condition table
petab.C This file contains constant definitions.
petab.lint Integrity checks and tests for specific features used
petab.measurements Functions operating on the PEtab measurement table
petab.parameter_mapping Functions related to mapping parameter from model to parameter estimation problem
petab.parameters Functions operating on the PEtab parameter table
petab.problem PEtab Problem class
petab.sampling Functions related to parameter sampling
petab.sbml Functions for interacting with SBML models
petab.yaml Code regarding the PEtab YAML config files
petab.visualize.data_overview Functions for creating an overview report of a PEtab problem
petab.visualize.helper_functions This file should contain the functions, which PEtab internally needs for plotting, but which are not meant to be used by non-developers and should hence not be directly visible/usable when using import petab.visualize.
petab.visualize.plot_data_and_simulation(…) Main function for plotting data and simulations.
petab.visualize.plotting_config Plotting config